ORA Laser System

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The ORA System.

Experience a higher quality of post-operative vision than at any other time in history.

What is the ORA Laser System?

Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) is a surgical tool used by cataract surgeons to measure 40 different refractive eye measurements in real-time during surgery. These calculations provide the surgeon with additional information to most accurately select the intraocular lens(IOL) power. It also provides a laser axis marker so astigmatism correcting IOL can be rotated precisely. This precise rotation is crucial for the best refractive outcome.

How can ORA help your outcome?

•  Affirmation - Confirms IOL lens power to provide optimal vision correction.
•  Exactitude - Provides exact axis of lens rotation to provide precise astigmatism correction.
•  Instantaneous - It gives the surgeon additional information in which real-time surgical course modifications can be decided.
•  Diversity - Forty different measurements allow for the best possible refractive outcome in patients with a previous history of LASIK or RK.

How much does ORA utilization cost?

The use of the ORA system during cataract surgery is not covered by medical or vision insurance. The patient is responsible for out-of-pocket costs at the surgeon’s office and the surgery center. Many patients utilize HSA accounts and CareCredit for financing options.

Specific pricing is available during your pre-operative consultation.