New Patient Information

How it Works




Meet Your Surgeon

Measurements of both eyes, dilation, examination, and surgery appointment scheduling will all be done in one simple visit.



Your eyesight is invaluable. Our Ophthalmology-specific surgery center provides a state-of-the-art experience for your cataract care.

Post-Op Care


Back at our office, our post-op team will be attentive to your healing course and will guide you through your final appointments.


Your preoperative consultation includes measurements taken of both of your eyes, a dilated exam, and an exam by your surgeon.

During the dilated exam, your surgeon will look over your eye’s health history and discuss lens options that best fit your lifestyle and visual desires.

Expect to leave our office with all of your appointments scheduled, all of your questions answered and. You’re one step closer to clear vision!


Our ophthalmology dedicated surgery center is equipped with state of art cataract surgery equipment and highly trained staff who are solely focused on surgical eye care. Your eyesight is in great hands!

After checking in at the front desk you will be taken by a registered nurse to the preoperative area. Here you will meet your anesthesiologist and prepare for surgery. This includes IV sedation with twilight anesthesia.

In the operating room the cataract surgery takes ten to fifteen minutes and is facilitated by anesthesiologists, registered nurses, and your surgeon. Once complete, you will rest comfortably in the postoperative area and receive your discharge instructions.

After about thirty minutes you will be discharged home. You will need to arrange for a driver to take you home from the surgery center and to bring you to a Summit Eye office the next day for your one day post operative exam.


How’s your new vision? Let’s find out! Your postoperative exam will be facilitated by our team of ophthalmic technicians and Dr. Ornstein.

A postoperative exam can include a vision test, pressure test, and physical examination of the eye. You may notice your vision is still blurry at this point. Don’t worry, this is normal and you will notice improvement each day forward! We will continue to monitor your visual progress at each of your postoperative visits.

Your brain is now discerning how to utilize your new lenses to see clearly. This adjustment can take some time and patience. As you walk through your post operative journey we will help you to understand how your eye is healing and monitor your progress to ensure your visual outcome is the best your eye can provide!