FemtoSecond Laser

An Opportunity of Innovation: The FemtoSecond Laser

You’ve heard the term “Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery.” But what is it?

The Femtosecond Laser is an option utilized by some surgeons to complete three to four steps of cataract surgery. Traditionally, the ophthalmic surgeon performs each action of cataract surgery manually, but the Femtosecond laser allows for those steps to be completed with laser technology. Let’s discuss this.

Which steps can be completed by the FemtoSecond laser?

Customizable Incisions
At the beginning of cataract surgery, two initial incisions are made in the cornea to gain access to the cataract. These incisions can also be customized and created with the laser.

Perfectly Centrated Capsulotomy
The next step in surgery requires removing the first layer of the cataract itself. The laser creates a perfectly centered and circular removal of that first layer.

Meticulous Lens Fragmentation
Breaking apart the cataract into four quadrants is an essential next step in the surgical process. It allows for the cataract to be suctioned out in smaller sections. The femtosecond laser can break the cataract into smaller areas than manually possible, reducing the phacoemulsification required to remove the cataract in the subsequent steps.

Precise Limbal Relaxing Incisions | Astigmatism Correction
Your surgeon can elect to alleviate your astigmatism by placing an additional incision within the cornea at the time of surgery. The FemtoSecond laser can precisely cut these incisions at different lengths and depths, depending on your eye's measurements.

How much does laser-assisted cataract surgery cost?

Laser-assisted cataract surgery is not covered by medical or vision insurance. The patient is responsible for out-of-pocket costs at the surgeon's office and the surgery center. Many patients utilize HSA accounts and CareCredit for financing options.

Specific pricing is available during your pre-operative consultation.

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