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Advanced Technology Lens Options

What Is an IOL?

Inside of your eye, behind the iris and pupil, there is a clear lens. The lens is responsible for focusing light onto the retina so you can see. When you have cataracts, it means that the lens inside of your eye has become cloudy. This occurs when the proteins that make up most of the lens begin to break down and clump together, causing the lens to opacify.

To correct cataracts, this lens needs to be completely removed. When the lens is removed, it needs to be replaced to restore your vision so you can see properly. This is where intraocular lenses (IOLs) come in.
Completely clear, IOLs are designed to mimic the natural lens. What makes Advanced IOLs special, however, is that they can hold specific refractive powers, much like your glasses and contact lenses. When implanted into the eye, these IOLs provide focusing power that your natural lens did not have, allowing you to experience clear and sharp vision.

Types of IOLs

Monofocal Lens | Basic Lens

intraocular lens implants

With the basic lens, the clouded lens is replaced with an artificial clear lens, increasing brightness and clarity. This type of lens will target either near or distance visual correction, but do not correct astigmatism. Eye glasses or contact lenses are usually required in addition to the intraocular lens. This type of lens is covered by insurance.

Advanced Technology Lenses

A lifestyle intraocular lens may be chosen to correct astigmatism and/or allow the possibility of reading without glasses. It is designed to correct both near and distance vision. Increased brightness, clarity, and definition of objects is the intended result of this lens. The best results will occur after both eyes have had implants and adequate time has passed to adjust to the lenses. These lenses are not covered by insurance.

Astigmatism | ORA Laser Technology

For patients who have astigmatism, there are both monofocal and multifocal lens options available that reduce the deficit of astigmatism. Your surgeon can help you decide if one of these lenses is the right option for you. These lenses are not covered by insurance.

The ORA Laser machine uses Wavefront technology to analyze your eye in real time during the lens insertion process of surgery. The analysis can assure that the lens placed is focused precisely, allowing for the best possible surgical outcome.

“I am one day out of surgery and the new PanOptix lens is fantastic. I can see clearly already. The staff is great.” -Robert

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What are Advanced Technology Lens Implants?

With advanced technology lens implants, Your surgeon can simultaneously correct your cataracts and any vision problems you have, such as needing eyeglasses for distance viewing or reading glasses. The implants can also be used to correct astigmatism, which is an irregular shape of the cornea that causes blurry vision.

What Are The Advantages of Advanced Technology Lens Implants?

Advanced technology lens implants treat your cataracts and correct any vision problems with one simple procedure. Having the implants will reduce your eyeglass prescription or reduce your dependence on glasses to see objects far and near. This gives you:

  • Greater range of clear vision
  • Improved ability to switch quickly from distance viewing to close-up tasks
  • Better vision capability in a variety of lighting

Are Advanced Technology Lens Implants Right for Me?

The primary considerations for advanced technology lens implants are:

  • Your ability to pay more out-of-pocket compared to standard lens implants which are covered by insurance.
  • Your desire to treat your cataracts and improve vision with one procedure.
  • Your desire to use eyeglasses and reading glasses less for daily activities.

How Much Do Advanced Technology Lens Implants Cost?

The cost of your advanced technology lens implants will not be covered by your medical insurance. Medical insurance covers the use of standard lens implants for cataract surgery, so advanced lens implants will present a higher cost to you. Call our office for details regarding pricing.

We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards for your out-of-pocket costs, Financing is available through CareCredit®.

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